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Back in 2015 I created this image for an art show in Washington D.C. that Honored DOOM....But...Since Peach Fuzz on Video music box ( WNYC) as a youth I was a fan of the style and creativity and the relatablity in comparsion to some HipHop at the time. Through the years we waited on the Second Album to drop only to sort of learn SubRock died and the album was shelved. (You have to rememeber you only learned this once a month if the Source told you or Kurt Loader deemed it important enough to mention on MTV News..) Then in 1997 I was in a van full of Graff writers in route to Paint Louis ( St.Louis ) Via Brooklyn when I heard the Scooby DOO theme come on with his confused berrtttt sound...Someone in the Van knew the deal ( thinking Rok one) that this was ZevLoveX now dweling in the shadows and rocking a stocking mask at the time.. I saw him about 2 years later after that Van ride, he performed at the WetLands in NYC I believe and recently there surfaced a pic of me in the background with some other notable heads then and now.. Its been a long journey with the man I always thought of the stranger whom I shared thoughts with. The way he ryhmed, it was just too personally to call him a stranger..Rest In POWER DOOM!!


-16 x 16 inch signed editon of 100 =60.00

-24 x 24 inch signed edition of 50 =120.00 ( out of stock ) 

Professionally printed on high end Entrada Rag 100% cotton, smooth, Archival and Acid free paper ( 21.5 Mil / 300 g/m2 ) 



( Print ) "We Are All DOOMED" - 16 x 16 inches

  • All prints ship flat, not rolled and include a sticker & magnet pack.

    There are no Returns on undamaged art or Merchandise. If it arrives damaged please email me. Thank you ! 

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