John Breiner

Born in New York in 1980, I grew up during the Pre-internet golden era of Garden Gnomes, wooden jump ramps and being home by dark.  As a teen Discovering D.I.Y cultures like Skateboarding, HIPHOP, Graffiti and DJing crafted me into the artist I am today.


After attending the School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the late 1990's - mid 2000's I developed my current body of work which takes elements of my past involving the use of mixed medias such as ink, spray paint and print making combined on weathered and found surfaces to emulate the layers on the walls I grew up painting. Through the progression of this technique I began to work with specifically Old discarded books and Paper. I find myself always chasing their golden brown / yellow faded surfaces. A reminder time stops for no one and to make it count while you can. 

My Resume